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Welcome to CRC Chrome, the Hard Chrome Plating Specialists.

Hard Chrome is an electro-chemical process with unique properties that make it ideal for specific purposes. Uses for chrome plating include:

  • Repair and Restore Worn Parts
  • Increase Life of New Parts
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Excellent Release Properties on Plastic & Rubber Molds
  • Improve Appearance of Parts

At CRC Chrome, we specialize in providing chrome plating services for aircraft parts, machine parts, molds, tools, dies, fasteners, gauges, bearing diameters, shafts, spindles, rolls and more. With customer approvals from medical, military, defense, aircraft and a wide range of OEM manufacturers throughout Connecticut and US-wide, you can see the fine art of chrome plating in many products that surround you on a daily basis.

Custom Chrome Plating

Specializing in custom chrome plating, our work is performed to exact customer specifications. Utilizing a technique where chromium is electroplated onto metal the chrome application can be customized to a high polish or satin finish. It helps prevent corrosion, is easy to clean, and enhances surface hardness for the object which it protects.

Industrial Chrome Plating

For industrial chrome plating, we serve a wide range of industries including:

  • Machine Rebuilding and repair
  • Machine Tool
  • Valves & Pump
  • Bearings
  • Aircraft
  • Defense
  • Hydraulics
  • Medical
  • Plastic & Rubber Molds

We chrome plate on the full range of Stainless Steels, Inconel, alloys, cast iron, brass, and bronze.

Our customers know we have a reputation for offering fair prices and providing on-time deliveries. We can also accommodate rush orders and just-in-time deliveries. We invite you to learn more about our capabilities today.

Call us today 203-630-1008 and discover why we have such a stellar reputation in Connecticut and nation-wide. We are happy to discuss any of your projects and offer you a quick quote.

Hard Chrome Plating

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From the smallest aircraft and machine parts, to OEM components, to molds, tools, dies, gauges, bearings, shafts, spindles, rolls and other large pieces.

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